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Explore – CareerNight FSW

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PLEASE NOTE: this event is bilingual, some of the panel discussions are English spoken. 

There are lots of careers are out there for you as a future social and behavioural scientist. However, do you actually know what positions and organisations appeal to you? Moreover, do you know how to get to them?  Wednesday, 29 April we will organize the second edition of the CareerNight FSW. Get inspired and collect ideas in order to make fitting choices for a master’s, minor, internship or even your first job.

On this evening, Around 30 alumni from all programmes of our faculty are at your disposal. Three rounds of panel discussions with alumni from different sectors. Browse the different panels and talk to the individual alumni to learn more about their position, work activities and organization.

Round one


Corporate & Social Sciences (EN)
Zorg & Welzijn (NL)
Diversiteit (NL)
Round two


Social Data sciences (EN)
Training, educatie, coaching & HR (NL)
Veiligheid (NL)
Round three


Sustainability (EN)
Jeugd (NL)
Bestuur & Politiek (NL)


Important information: Due to the recent Corona-virus outbreak the event will take place digitally.

Contributing Alumni: