Workshop / activiteit

Monique Janmaat

 I love what I do and I am still benefiting from my study at UU. Since I was a child I have been fascinated by how people work and interact together. That’s why I chose to study Social and Organisation Psychology. I graduated in 1991 with specialisation ‘Social psychology of the organisation’ and ‘Organisation and Group Dynamics’. I am driven by finding ways to work with individuals, groups, organisation and wider systems to create collective success around complex challenges of today’s world. I have been living in Tanzania from 1999 until 2019 and have worked in many different countries (Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Yemen, Singapore) with many different cultures. I enjoy the richness and wisdom of diversity.  

So I bring different (groups of) people together and create space for a real dialogue exploring diversity and differences before finding common ground and making decisions.  It is important that all the voices are heard, even if they are very different from the mainstream. For my workshop/event facilitation I apply participative methods and multi stakeholder large-scale interventions among which Future Search, Transformative Scenario Planning, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space, World Cafe, Theory U processes.  

Besides facilitation I have 29 years of experience in designing and implementing training programmes in leadership, systems change, change and transformation processes, intercultural collaboration, training and facilitation in complexity and Deep Democracy. 

Since 2012 I am a partner of Perspectivity (, that consists of 12 experienced facilitators and a network of around 100 professionals in a variety of organisations around the world. Together we build towards a healthy, human and sustainable future.