2022: Diversity (EN)

Diversity (EN)

During the Panel Diversity (EN) four alumni from the faculty of Social Sciences will discuss their careers. This panel will take place during Round 1: 19:00 – 19:45. Keep reading for more information about Marije Stekelenburg, Stavroula Manolaki, Jule van de Berg, and Onur Şahin!

Marije Stekelenburg

Study: BSc Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Function: Coach & Supervisor at Stichting Studeren & Werken op Maat

More information about Marije!

Jule van de Berg

Study: BSc Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Function: Research Associate Diversity & Inclusion at Utrecht University

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Stavroula Manolaki

Study: MSc Youth, Education and Society

Function: Educational Consultant at

More information about Stavroula!

Onur Şahin

Study: BSc Psychology

Function: PhD Inclusive Organizations at Utrecht University 

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