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Tiemen Wagenvoort

Our brain, memory and attention have always fascinated me, and our unsustainable behavior towards the environment deeply concerns me. Therefore, I try to use cognitive psychology to contribute to a solution for our current behavior that leads to climate change and biodiversity loss. My name is Tiemen Wagenvoort, I study the master Applied Cognitive Psychology at Utrecht University and work at Green Office Utrecht University part-time. I coordinate projects that inform students and employees of our university about circularity, and provide tangible solutions so they can act more sustainable. Within this work it is important to keep an overview of all components of the projects, supervise a committee, and stay in touch with external parties and stakeholders. Besides study and work, I lead a martial arts school as a volunteer.

I believe I am a good analytical thinker, with an eye for detail and an ability to approach situations from multiple perspectives. My most important skill is probably that I don’t mind getting dirty hands; I try to orient myself towards just putting in the work. Nothing is a mistake. There is no win and no fail, there is only make.

One of my most inspiring moments could at the same time be considered as an unimportant minor interaction. When visiting a local grocery shop as a child, the man behind the counter asked me how I was doing. Thereafter, he told me to pay good attention in school. This simple moment of honest interest and care of a total stranger surprisingly inspired me to do my utmost best.