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Teun Meulepas

Hello students, my name is Teun Meulepas, I’m 34 years old and I live in Nijmegen. In 2012 I completed the master Policy Analysis and Organizations at Utrecht University. After this study I took part in a governmental traineeship and my further interest in sustainability (in its broadest sense) started to grow. I started working as an advisor to the Provincial Executive for Energy and Innovation and later I made a switch to Circular Economy. In addition to my work, I devised and undertook all kinds of other things, such as a bicycle tour through 21 countries to involve young people in the SDG’s of the United Nations. When that project was discussed in the highest body in the world, the UN Security Council, I realized that having influence is possible from any position. Simply by showing initiative and taking the important first step. I now work as a consultant for companies and governments on the themes of sustainable energy, circular economy, innovation and mobility. I’m also a member of the supervisory board of Rabobank RvN since 2018. A wonderful position where I can learn a lot and bring fresh perspectives. In all of my work I try to distinguish myself by optimistically connecting strategy and operation because sustainability offers wonderful opportunities with the right insights ánd mindset. I hope to see you on April 29th!