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[FULL] QuestTrek (ENG) [FULL]

Date: Tuesday 30 April
Time: 13.15 – 17.15
Location: Amelisweerd – departure from square at Spar Uithof / University Library Uithof
Trainer & organisatie: MyQuest

What will you do after uni? And what do you have to offer as a future professional? Are you curious to find answers to these questions and do you really need to think about them? Then join us on ‘mini QuestTrek®’ with the founder of MyQuest, Dr. Marianne van Wetter. Because real change comes from within, we go outside. Amelisweerd in. To experience nature. Our nature. And to experience it ourselves. Because we learn from experiences. On the mini QuestTrek, you systematically investigate who you are and what drives you, walking and by doing powerful exercises that will keep up with you. During the first part of the workshop you walk through your life. You look back on the moments that have shaped you into who you are. Then you will look for ‘peak experiences’ (moments when you really stood in your power) to find out your core values from there. Core values are important life direction. If you can live your life and encounter your core values every day, you will feel happy and fulfilled. Also in your work. Finally, you make concrete how your core values help you find a suitable job and how you integrate them into your life. How nice it is to have more clarity about this before you make big choices in your life.

MyQuest is a pioneer in the field of experiential learning for young adults. Their mission is to give personal development a place in education. Their work is based on current ideas from positive psychology, evidence-based techniques and Harvard’s latest insights on value-driven organizations. The foundation for the programmes is Theory U. In 2014 QuestTrek was chosen as best practice in educational innovation. This happened at the symposium ‘Education of the heart’ which was initiated and attended by the Dalai Lama and 700 educational innovators. The QuestTrek is the MyQuest trek in the Netherlands, Europe or Nepal where you get to know yourself and your talents. You can experience the mini-QuestTrek. Great opportunity.