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(ENG) Joris Westhof

Name: Joris Westhof
Current position: Business Consultant
Was student in: Bachelor ASW, Master in Psychology
Panel: Corporate and Coaching

Hi, my name is Joris Westhof and I work as a business consultant at Zestgroup. I am seconded as project leader at drinkwater company Vitens. After my Master in psychology, I wrote a book together with others called The Social Psychology of Change Management: Theories and an Evidence-Based Perspective on Social and Organizational Beings.
As Projectleader my main task is to ensure the projects I lead are on track and maintain on track. Getting the right information, often talking to people (drinking a lot of coffee!) and making decisions in what we do and when we do it (priorities are important). Next to my Project leader role I support the whole 5 year innovation programme at Vitens. I make agenda’s, lead meetings and do multiple support tasks like making notes during the meeting and ensuring we have a room for the meeting. I also manage the Vitens innovation website and ensure it is up to date. For this task, I am entirely depended on the information of others, as the site is built around 8 themes and each theme has its own ambassador. Again, drinking a lot of coffee!
I’m good at getting things done, giving presentations, multitasking and performing under pressure. I’m not so good at concentrating on one task for hours, making big reports and writing in general.
An inspiring moment for me happened a few weeks ago. I organized an event for around a hundred people at Vitens, with most attendees being from other companies. The event was a big success, and even the CEO of Vitens came and took a look at what was going on. It was worth every hour preparing the event (even the 15 hours of working the day before the event).