Workshop / activiteit

(ENG) Bodine Romijn

Name: Bodine Romijn
Current position: PhD-student Education & Pedagogy at Utrecht University
Was student in: Pedagogical Sciences
Panel: Research (ENG)

In 2010 I started the bachelor program Pedagogical Sciences at Utrecht University. After obtaining my bachelor degree I enrolled in the academic master Youth, Education and Socialization (YES) and the research master Educational Sciences: Learning in Interaction (EdSci). Right now, I’m a third year PhD student at the department of Education & Pedagogy, where I am involved in two large research projects: ISOTIS (, an interdisciplinary European Horizon 2020 research project on inclusive education and social equality involving 11 countries and over 70 researchers, and LKK (, a national research project commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment to monitor the quality of the Dutch child care system. My personal interest goes out to professional development in early childhood education and care in light of diversity and inclusiveness. I have always considered myself a flexible, well-organized person with a talent for structuring chaos and solving problems, and my involvement in these two projects are pushing these skills to the next level. A large proportion of my work involves the coordination of our data collection, with various tasks ranging from training research assistants to processing incoming data (and handling all the privacy and safety regulations that come with this). My work teaches me that being a researcher can be about much more than reading articles and analyzing SPSS files and involves a great deal of project management as well. What I find most inspiring about my work is the strong social impact we strive for. It is a great feeling when you see that your work actually impacts professionals’ practices or that your results are being presented to the government to help reform policy. It gives a sense of purpose for all your hard work.