Workshop / activiteit

(ENG) Arjun Swami Persaud

Name: Arjun Swami-Persaud
Function: Researcher at DSP-groep
Former student: Cultural anthropology
Panel: Research (ENG)

My name is Arjun Swami-Persaud en I studied Cultural Anthropology from 2010 until 2015, a year later I finished the Conflict Studies and Human Rights master, both at Utrecht University. As a researcher at DSP-groep. I am conducting research within the fields of security policy, forensic healthcare, sexual violence and the social domain. These studies are carried out on behalf of ministries, municipalities or other players within the public domain.

I am involved in conducting social science research in all its forms: analyzing literature and documents, participatory observations, interviews and quantitative research. The next step is to rapport, advise and/or present the results of our research to the client, which is usually a political target group (from a deputy mayor to the House of Representatives). Often in the form of rapports, but other ways are possible as well. An important aspect is maintaining contact with multiple stakeholders and others that are involved. This varies from police officers to academics and from activists to, yes, high-ranking employees in US government services (all are applicable).

Inspiring moments often arise during interviews. You often start an interview with a clear goal, certain questions you would like to have answered, or particular information you are looking for. However, you often only get the information you are looking for if there is mutual trust. This forces you to connect with someone on a personal level. This can be with an expert you are looking up to, but also with a prisoner whose life and stories can offer you meaningful insights. The surprises that come from those moments where business and personal come together are the moments that will truly stay with you the longest.