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Ariane van Dijk

Since 2010, I’ve been working as a consultant in the sector of Education. More specific, for primary schools, schools for children with special needs, for boards and clusters of schools everywhere in the Netherlands. As a consultant, I support management in the schools, develop courses, and teach teachers. In the meantime we update the content of our work constantly to trends and developments in education and in government regulations.
What helps me is that I am analytical, structured, can see the bigger picture, and connect with people. When things look complex, I can contribute with strategic skills to oversee things and set priorities.
In my job, it is satisfying to contribute to good education for children and to support teachers. Especially when I’m able to help a school from a weak position and organisation to a healthy organisation. Before working at the CED-Groep, I worked at the Mytylschool of Utrecht for 18 years.