2021: Datascience and Research (EN)

Datascience and Research (EN)

During the Panel Datascience and Research (EN) four alumni from the faculty of Social Sciences will discuss their careers. This panel will take place during Round 2: 21:00-21:45. Keep reading for more information about Elli Thravalou, Jolien Ketelaar, Jurriaan Jacobs and Marijn Markus!

Elli Thravalou

Study: master Migration, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism

Function: Researcher at Nuffic in the team Strategy, Knowledge, and Innovation

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Jurriaan Jacobs

Study: bachelor Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Function: Program Manager at TNO

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Jolien Ketelaar

Study: Educational Sciences, a Master in statistics and a master in Educational Sciences

Function: Data Specialist at Nivel

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Marijn Markus

Study: Sociology

Function: Senior Data Scientist at Capgemini

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